Vi har fundet en daginstitution!

Af Elisa Nicolato, 18. september 2005

We found it! We have found an institution which will accept Silvia and the ABA project! It hasn't been easy: It took almost three months and we had to go through 13 (I mean 13!) institutions, but eventually we succeded and in fact we got the institution we were hoping for (you should have been at the "information meeting on ABA" held by Cecilia … she was brilliant)!

So now we will have to hire the støttepædagog and then we can start with a self-financed and self-organized institution-based project! In essence, we are now marching towards bankruptcy and, funnily enough, we are happy about it ...

Well, our plan is now to try to involve as much as possible all the faglig and offentlig people who are in contact with Silvia, i.e. the Småbørnscenter and the Børne- og Ungdompsykiatrisk Hospital (BUH), so that they can follow Silvia's progresses from the beginning of the intervention.

Somehow they showed some interest already (and luckily enough Silvia is being evaluated right now by BUH), and we will try to have them present at the staffmøde once in an while. Of course our hope is that Silvia will be doing well enough to convince public authorities about the effects of ABA ... and maybe to help economically ...

I'll keep you informed, and if there is some of you, out there, who is searching for an institution and wants to know how we succeeded (besides very good luck) in more details, you are very welcome to contact us.

Tilbage til oversigten over alle tekster om Silvia

Cecilia Brynskov (red.) / 30.04.2006