Pædiatriske søvnforstyrrelser

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Oversigt over søvnforstyrrelser hos børn - herunder børn med autisme

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Brown, K.M. and B.A. Malow (2015). Pediatric Insomnia. Chest, [Epub ahead of print](), .

Insomnia in children is complex and frequently multifactorial. This review discusses the major categories of insomnia, as well as common causes. The consequences of insomnia, including issues with mood, behavior and cognition, are discussed. Sleep disorders are much more prevalent in certain pediatric populations, such as children with autism spectrum disorders. The evaluation of insomnia in children includes a focused history and exam, and occasionally actigraphy or polysomnography. Behavioral and pharmacological therapies are discussed, as well as future directions for research and clinical practice.

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