Læring der varer ved: en note om 40 års opfølgning om en dreng med autisme, der blev undervist i kommunikation med gestik da han var seks år gammel

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Opfølgning på træning af alternativ kommunikation 40 år senere

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Webster, C.D., D. Fruchter, J. Dean, M.M. Konstantareas and L. Sloman (2016). Lessons that Linger: A 40-Year Follow-Along Note About a Boy with Autism Taught to Communicate by Gestures when Aged Six. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, [Epub ahead of print](), .

We draw on an article published in 1973 in this journal. We described how we taught "Geoff," a 6-year old boy with autism, an elementary form of sign language during the course of 24 one-hour sessions held over a 12-week period (Webster et al. in J Autism Child Schizophr 3:337-346, 1973; Fruchter in Autism: new directions in research and education, pp 184-186, 1980). Here, we describe how it is that Geoff has maintained the vestiges of what we taught him (and indeed what he taught us) over the long span. This basic communication strategy has endured well and continues to contribute to his enjoyment of life.

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