Stress og forældre til børn med autisme: et review af litteratur

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Oversigt over forskning i forældreskab og stress hos forældre til børn med autisme

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Bonis, S. (2016). Stress and Parents of Children with Autism: A Review of Literature. Issues in mental health nursing, 37(3), 153-63.

The purpose of this review is twofold. The first is to synthesize factors that impact parents' experiences of caring for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD); the second is to identify factors that impact parental stress and parental decision-making to use autism services or not. Parents of children with ASD score higher on levels of stress than other groups of parents. The daily challenges of caring for the child are endless and effect all aspects of the child's care as well as the parent's mental health and ability to manage the needs of the child and family. Understanding more about the challenges parents face will provide direction for research, intervention development, and practice. Accordingly, a search was conducted using CINAHL and Medline. Inclusion criteria included articles available in full text, published in English, and focused on children with ASD distinct from other diagnoses, as well as parental experiences of caring for a child with ASD. Articles (N = 132) that met the inclusion criteria were summarized. Challenging aspects of the child's diagnosis and care are discussed, as well as the factors that impact parental stress and decision-making to use autism services. Recommendations for research and practice include interventional development related to early diagnosis, disparity, access to care, parental decision-making to use autism services, and parental stress management.

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