Invirkning af medie-forlydender om forbindelse mellem kriminalitet og autismespektrumforstyrrelse

Kategori: Personer med ASF

Mediehistorier om sammenhæng mellem autisme og kriminalitet producerer negative holdninger til personer med autisme

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Brewer, N., J. Zoanetti and R.L. Young (2016). The influence of media suggestions about links between criminality and autism spectrum disorder. Autism, [Epub ahead of print](), .

We examined whether media reports linking criminal behaviour and autism spectrum disorder foster negative attitudes towards individuals with autism spectrum disorder. In a between-subjects design, participants were exposed to (a) a media story in which a murderer was labelled with autism spectrum disorder (media exposure condition) or not labelled with any disorder (control) and (b) an autism spectrum disorder-education condition attacking the myth that people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are likely to be violent criminals or a no-autism spectrum disorder-education condition. Participants attitudes towards three different crime perpetrators (one with autism spectrum disorder) described in separate vignettes were probed. The media exposure linking crime and autism spectrum disorder promoted more negative attitudes towards individuals with autism spectrum disorder, whereas the positive autism spectrum disorder-related educational message had the opposite effect.

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