At sætte det lange ben forrest: et års adfærdsanalyse i praksis og relative omkostninger

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Greenberg, J. H., & Martinez, R. C. (2008). Starting Off on the Right Foot: One Year of Behavior Analysis in Practice and Relative Cost. International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy, 4(2), 212-226.

Strong evidence exists for the efficacy of behavior analytic approaches with children on the autism spectrum (Carr & Firth, 2005; Weiss 2001, 2005). Many early childhood intervention studies report outcomes based on pre-school populations (Smith, 1999; Casto & Mastropieri, 1986) while outcome studies for younger populations are scarcer. We reviewed one year of instructional outcome data from an early intervention classroom that used applied behavior analysis in concert with verbal behavior. The population served was two and three year olds with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). Special instruction was provided in individual and in group formats using learn units as the basic unit of instruction. Ninety-five percent of the children in this program progressed to lesser restrictive environments. A cost benefit analysis showed the relative dollar amounts of the learn unit, instructional sessions, and objectives met for one year.

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