Pivotal response intervention II: Foreløbige, langsigtede resultater

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Koegel, L.K., R.L. Koegel, Y. Shoshan and E. McNerney (1999). Pivotal response intervention II: Preliminary long-term outcomes data. Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps, 24(3), 186-198.

Examined the degree to which self-initiation was associated with highly favorable postintervention outcome in treating autism. In phase 1 of the Exp, 3 children achieving a highly favorable outcome to a treatment intervention and 3 who responded unfavorably (aged 3 yrs at program entry) were retrospectively examined concerning self-initiating behaviors. Results show that those with favorable outcomes exhibited more spontaneous self-initiations at preintervention. Results of phase 2 of the Exp, comprising 10 autistic children (aged 2-3 yrs at program entry) show that Ss could be taught self-initiating behavior, thereby leading to highly favorable treatment outcomes, based on data collected several years subsequent to intervention. It is concluded that social communicative initiation is a pivotal behavior in autism treatment.

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