Assistant Coach Required to Work on an Early Intervention and Training Program for an Autistic child

An expat professional family is looking for an assistant coach preferably with a psychology studies background who will join a team that would plan and execute an early intervention and training program for an autistic child using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The child is a 5 year old boy who has been diagnosed with infantile autism in October 2012. The selected assistant coaches will have the opportunity to work in a team directly supervised by a renowned ABA supervisor, Mr. Svein Magnar Hansen, from TIPO, Norway.

The expected working hours will be for 3-4 hours per session – approximately 10 hours per week. The training program will be carried out at the family’s home that is easily accessible by public transport (i.e., 5 minutes walk from bus and metro) or cycle (i.e., 10 minutes from Copenhagen City Centre) – next to newly built Campus of Copenhagen University in Amager. The working hours are flexible but will be set after 12 noon as the child attends a kindergarten in the morning.

ABA is an intensive and holistic special education based on communication, cognition and social skills. You can read more about it on  

The child is an extremely active, intelligent, and quick learner who loves music, physical activities, vehicles and anything exciting. He is being trained using ABA on regular basis by his Mother. He has shown impressive all round improvement. The planned program of ABA will focus on social norms, joint attention, and communication skills. We plan to involve his only sibling, a 3 year old boy to teach some social skills.

Desired qualification and characteristics:
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What we can offer

If you are interested, please contact the mother of the child via email We will appreciate if you write a motivation letter along with your resume. The deadline is June 30. The interviews will be conducted after that and work starts right after that.

Mona Jamshaid

Redaktionen / 11.06.2015